Recent Projects

We have worked extensively with International, Domestic, and Regional Small Package and LTL Carriers on a variety of projects. The following are just a few of the recent projects we have been engaged on. Contact us for how we can add your company to our list of success stories!

Due Diligence – We worked with a prominent LTL company to explore the purchase of a courier and parcel company by evaluating the management, systems, buildings, customer base and administrative functions.

Material Handling – Several semi-automated systems were designed and installed for a small package company to improve thru-put, lower costs and improve service to their customers. Evaluated existing MHE installations for upgrade and expansion potential.

Sales – An inside sales and lead qualification program was developed and implemented for a carrier looking to increase sales at a lower cost for small to medium sized customers. A commission sales plan was also developed.

P&D Optimization – Several projects resulting in substantial cost reductions have been undertaken for small package companies utilizing our proprietary P&D Optimization Model – reducing costs by over 30% in one company in the first year alone.

Hub and Linehaul Network Rationalization – Double digit cost savings
have been achieved at several carriers while potential savings approaching 15% have been projected at another using our methodology to utilize the right mix of equipment at the proper domiciles. 

International Operations – Our interaction with prominent international carriers has resulted in the development of new approaches to serve the growing domestic and international markets in the U.S. and Europe. We have worked as part of an international team to evaluate current field operations to identify cost reduction opportunities in P&D, dock, hub and linehaul.

Due Diligence – We provided a Private Equity company with extensive analysis of a potential acquisition; providing a detailed assessment of management, facilities, pick up/delivery, linehaul, and dock operations aiding in their valuation for initial purchase and on-going improvement opportunities.

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