The level of transportation knowledge and experience offered by
ETC & Associates is unmatched.

ETC & Associates was founded in Pittsburgh, Pa. by three former senior officers of a Fortune 500 company to assist small to medium sized transportation companies (less than truckload, truckload and small package) in their growth, development and efficiency.

David Gerschultz, Ivan Hofmann and Ronald Trombetta bring over 100 years of collective experience in the areas of business management, operations, finance, labor relations, safety, service measurements and productivity improvements.

We are experienced in working both directly with transportation companies and/or private equity and venture capital companies in initial and on-going engagements.

The advantages gained by conducting business with ETC & Associates will enable a company to improve processes at a rate beyond that of their competitors. Naturally, the developments result in improved customer satisfaction, increased growth and improved efficiencies which are ultimately reflected in the bottom line. This will enable a company to reinvest in their human resources, operations, technology, and services.

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